Living in the Dubrovnik Old Town

One of our Sales Department Team Member, Pia, writes about her experience of living in the historical Old City of Dubrovnik


Pia and her daughter in the Old Port

Every now and then tourists ask locals of Old Town, Dubrovnik if there are people living there throughout the year.

For them it seems a bit strange that people could live there for several reasons; it’s a pedestrian zone only, parking around the town is always full, there are only couple of small grocery shops. Basically, nothing seems convenient or subordinated to the locals.

Personally, I have always admired habitants of Old Town and thought I could never survive to live in such hectic and loud environment, so once I moved to the Old Town It was a pleasant surprise.

First thing I noticed is that my ears got used to the everyday noise very quickly. After a day I could hardly hear any music from the bars or even church bells that ring on every full hour.

For the first time, I also noticed that there is a butchery, fish market and a green market opened every day.

I must admit it was more than convenient that there is almost everything you need in everyday life inside the walls; banks, post office, cinema, school, pharmacy, park, beach, bars, restaurants…

After a year living inside the walls, I realized I hardly ever got out, because I did not really have to.

Stradun street as a playground

Children playing on Dubrovnik most beautiful street Stradun

Another interesting thing; as there are many elder people living in the Old Town and there are a lot of stairs here, we developed special service from people called “karićari”. They are located around the town with their trolleys and help people with their groceries or carry anything they might need for a small tip.

I knew one “karićar” who got to live in one small apartment in the Old Town for free. Owner of the apartment only requested his carrying service in return.

Winter time was my favourite, I saw the same people (there are around 800 people leaving in the town) at the same places every day. They were chatting, fishing, walking pets, visiting their neighbours, feeding the pigeons, and loudly greeting every passenger.

Children were playing football, hide and seek, riding their bikes. Their childhood is a bit different than of other kids in Dubrovnik.  As they are playing there is no fear of cars and some of the neighbours are always looking after them.

Today I am no longer living there, but if I ever have an opportunity to go back, I would not think twice.

So, when travelling to Dubrovnik, stay in the Old Town, I promise you will not regret.


Stradun was the play-field for many generations

Red roofs of the Old Town

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